The Truth Is...

Real Challenges Facing families with Special Needs Children.

As I write this, I am sitting in my car. While my husband relieves me from my mommy duties, I am working. It’s 7:00 pm and 12 hrs after the first child called my name: mommy. They will go to sleep soon. We are all exhausted from the Zoom meetings, home-school, half viewed webinars, and snacks in between. These are our days now.

But it’s still good. I am determined to connect with families with special needs children during this time.

I miss the outings my special needs daughter and I would have together. Below is a photo from an event at the arts center in Beverly Hills pre Covid-19 quarantine.

When I raised my daughter Taylor as a single mom while attending prestigious universities, I never cared about the outside world. If I am honest, the life of a special needs family is somewhat like our current quarantine. We are hidden away from the world, behind the confines of four walls, with the expectation of getting it all done. Family, marriage, work, and most importantly moving the needle on our child’s progress.

Despite all of it, I was determined to live a good life. What did I need? How did I survive? Community, Remote Work, and a plan.

Below are current remote positions I found for you.

Community Care Supervisor

Customer Success Specialist

Independent Contract Earth Sciences

Also, I’ve included a link to a recent article article I wrote for Today Show Parents about the importance of taking care of the other essential worker: MOM.

Lastly, I want you to view the trailer of my new book called My Good Life. It’s 100 pages of my life raising my daughter with autism for 12 years on my own. I hope it’s a story that motivates and inspires you.

It’s not a normal life, it’s a good life.

We are also working hard to build an App that solves the problems parents of special needs children face daily. Visit our site and let us know via our message section what your greatest need is. We want to help.

Cheers to the good life,