How are You Today?

This Isn't a Normal Life, It's a Good Life

As a married mom with four daughters and a busy husband, I know the challenges many families are facing during this time. As the parent of a special needs adult, the challenges also look a certain way. The uncertainty of the future can be overwhelming. 

One lesson I’ve learned over the last several months is we are better together. When I held a major in person event in December, it was life changing. I brought together speakers from around the country for a TEDxWomen event. They spoke about a number of topics. One of my favorite topics was by a woman named Joyce Shulman. As the CEO of a media company geared towards bringing families together, she discussed the importance of walking in order to combat loneliness. You can check her talk out here. One of the things she discussed was how we all need each other.

Many families of special needs children need different things during this season. One of those things is access to remote work. Below are two websites with remote work opportunities.

I’m thrilled at the level of attention my new book My Good Life has received. Thrive Global listed it as one of 22 books to read by black authors. 

I am also grateful for your support and I look forward to continuing to share my good life with you. Despite the current circumstances we will get through it all together.

This isn’t a normal life, but it’s a good life.




My Good Life