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Happy Tuesday

I hope you're staying well and happy.

In this issue, you will find more remote job opportunities, an opportunity to sign up for free books, and also healthy eating information.

Facebook just announced they are hiring for remote workers, which is amazing. I think it's a great opportunity for families with special needs children.


  2. WordPress Copywriter Position

  3. Online Remote Teacher

Also, there are exciting updates about my new book, My Good Life. As a parent of a special needs child, I had the opportunity to write a memoir about my experiences of raising a child with special needs. Advocacy, safe living spaces, and being able to work remotely while raising a child with special needs is all a part of my book.

I can't wait for you to read it. You can purchase it via Amazon.

I’ve gotten amazing feedback thus far and friends are tagging me in their photos via Instagram. It feels great to know it has been received well.

May 24, 2020

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BONUS: Dolly Parton has an amazing free book program. Click on the link below to see if it is in your area.

Imagination Library

Lastly, staying healthy is not always easy.

Here is some much needed advice from Lorri Herrman from Arbonne.

🏻 I have been coaching folks through Arbonne’s signature program and #1 best selling regimen for 6 years now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! Our holistic approach to wellness starts with CLEAN INGREDIENTS and GREAT HABITS for a SUSTAINABLE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

🏻 Our 30-day program enhances your nutritional intake by focusing on a routine of WHOLE FOODS coupled with VEGAN PROTEIN SHAKES and SELECT NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS. We encourage the inclusion of NUTRIENT-DENSE, PLANT-BASED FOODS and LIMITING EMPTY CALORIES AND HIGHLY PROCESSED FOODS with little nutritional value.

🏻 In my opinion, the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program is the BEST PLAN to get you BACK ON TRACK to GOOD HABITS along with my exercising tips that can SUPPORT LONG-TERM WELLNESS. When coupled with EXERCISE and a POSITIVE MINDSET...there’s nothing that can stop you from feeling your finest! Join me!

P.S. I provide you with guidance, recipes, shopping lists, support and accountability...and everything tastes YUMMY! I can’t wait!

If you’d like more info, just say “HEY!” and I will send some to you.

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